Erotic Story: Caught At The Beach Part 1

Erotic StoryWritten by: Jacie

It was a beautiful day to spend time at the beach and Jennifer and Jessica had managed to get two days off at the same time. Neither had to ask the other what they wanted to do with the time off. Beach was the only choice.

During the week the beach was nearly secluded as the women stretched out their blanket and chatted while rubbing in the tanning oil. The warmth of the sun soon had them both completely relaxed. After tanning for a while, Jennifer sighed and sat up in the early morning sunshine gazing out at the waves, watching the birds working the water.

“Hey Jessi, let’s sunbathe topless,” she suggested.

“You’re nuts,” came the answer Jennifer expected. “What if we get caught.”

“Just keep your towel close by if you’re nervous.” Jennifer had her top off in an instant and lay back in the golden light. “It’s great. Join me.”

Jessica sighed. One look at her friend’s erect nipples told her Jennifer was enjoying the experience. “You’ve always been more daring than me, but today I think I’ll join you. Promise me we won’t get caught. They’ve arrested people for nudity on the beach you know.”

“It’s ok. There’s nobody around. It’s a weekday. Nobody cares.”

With a quick look up and down the beach, Jessica slipped off her top and lay back in the sun. “Mmm.”

“You like it? I knew you would,” Jennifer smiled and reached out to gently squeeze Jessi’s nipple. “You’re nipples are telling on you.”

Jessica laughed and playfully rubbed Jenn’s nipples in return. “So are yours,” she said. “You need some oil on those virgin babes though or you’re going to have sunburn.”

Jenn handed the bottle of oil to Jessica and said, “Go ahead. You do mine and I’ll do yours.”

“I, mm, that’s, mm,” Jessica stuttered. “That’s not what I meant.”

“Never mind. Lay back silly. You just said I’m always the one that’s more daring,” chuckled Jennifer. She took the bottle and began massaging the oil into Jessi’s tummy, moving slowing up her ribs and finishing with slow, silky circles around her friend’s breasts and nipples.

Jessica let a moan slip out and Jennifer felt a warmth rush in her loins. “Feels good doesn’t it,” said Jennifer. Here, now. Do mine.”

Jessica sat up looked up and down the beach again and timidly poured oil into her hand. Her friend’s skin was warm and soft under her hands and as Jennifer took in a deep breath, she shivered and Jessi watched goose bumps rise across her chest and arms.

“Feels so good, don’t stop,” Jennifer sighed.

Suddenly, a shadow fell across her and she lifted her sunglasses to see why. Jessica was straddled across her waist gently rubbing her way around in circles, but the shadow was a lifeguard, hands on hips glaring down on the pair of half-nude women. Jennifer grabbed Jessi by the wrists and sat up, grabbing for towels for both of them.

“Enjoying my beach ladies?” the lifeguard snarled.

Jessica began to cry softly. Jennifer was shocked into silence, momentarily. She reached over and hugged Jessica to her. “It’s ok baby,” she said. “It was my idea mam.” She pulled off her sunshades and looked up at the guard. “If you’ll let us gather our things we’ll just leave.”

“You’ll be gathering your things alright, but you won’t be leaving, just yet.” The lifeguard reached down and snatched both bikini tops and the towels the girls were attempting to cover themselves with. “Lets go to my quarters.” The girls stood trying to hide their breasts with their arms as the life guard walked off down the beach. “Follow me and don’t act so shy. If you’ve got beautiful breasts, you might as well show them off. Put your arms down. There’s nobody around for miles.”

The young women did as they were told and followed the tall lanky brunette up the beach. “What do you think she’ll do to us. Jessica asked quietly.”

“We’ll probably get a ticket and get sent home,” Jennifer answered.

“I’m so embarrassed. What if people find out.”

“They won’t if you don’t say anything. It’s our secret.”

“Come on in and let’s talk about your secret,” the lifeguard chuckled as she held the door open to her guard hut. “It’s not too often we get nude sunbathers around here anymore and from the looks of you two this must have been your first time. She chuckled again and reached out to lift first Jessica’s breasts and then Jenn’s. “They’re really white and if you’d been out much longer, they’d have been really red. You’re lucky I came along when I did. I’m going to fix us all some tea and you can explain to me what you were doing flashing those beautiful jugs on my beach. Relax. I’m not going to write you a ticket. I’m going to show you how to get a real woman’s tan.”

She pulled her shoulder straps down to reveal her own beautifully browned breasts. “This is what you were wanting, right?”

Jennifer sat up and reached for the beauties. Go ahead you can feel them. They are very real and beautiful if I must say so myself.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.” Jennifer backed away.

“It’s ok. Don’t be shy. They’re just boobs.” She took Jennifer’s hands and filled them full. “You have soft hands. No wonder your friend moaned when you touched her.”

“You heard that?” gasped Jessica. “Were you there the whole time watching us.”

“Sure was. I figured a couple of babes out in the middle of the week might need some watching over.”

“Now finish your tea and hightail it up the ladder to my watchtower. And to make sure you come up, I’ll just take your tops and towels with me. Don’t try to take off on me, now. I wouldn’t want you to get caught topless by any other lifeguards on the beach. They might not be so understanding. I’ve got a surprise waiting for you.”

As soon as the door slid shut, Jessica grabbed Jennifer hugging her to her. “What are we going to do. I’m scared.”

Fear had Jessi’s nipples pointing into Jennifer and the whole erotic scene had Jennifer’s insides melting. The sweet smooth skin of her friend with her small hard nipples pressed against her was driving her crazy with desire and the curiosity of what the lifeguard had in store for them made her knees weak.

She lifted Jessi’s chin and kissed her softly at first and then more hungrily. She felt Jessica respond and pulled her tighter to her.

“What are we doing, Jenn,” Jessi whispered.

“I don’t know,” answered Jennifer. “I’m sorry, but you just overwhelmed me. This whole situation is making me so horny, I can hardly stand it.”

Jessi pushed away from Jennifer and turned her back to her. “I have to admit something. It’s turning me on, too.” She turned to look over her shoulder at her friend. The desire in her eyes was overpowering and she rushed back into her arms, quivering as Jenn ran her hands down her shoulders and back, stopping to squeeze her tight butt. “Running around naked with you has changed me somehow. Made me braver, more daring. Even if we do get into trouble, I can never thank you enough for this. Please promise me you’ll make love to me as soon as possible.”

“Ok you lovebirds are you going to make love in here or climb up here and do it in the sunshine.” The lifeguard threw her head back with a laugh and motioned for them to follow her up the ladder.

Halfway up, she stopped and pointed out onto the roof to the lifeguard shack. There was a blanket, towels and tanning lotion. “Make yourselves comfortable. I’ll be right back. Just need to check the beach to make sure no one’s out for a swim. And use the lotion. It’s a bronzer. It’ll give you great boobs like mine.”

The girls stepped out onto the roof, the warm sunshine melting away their nervous fears. “I’d love to have a beautiful tan like hers, wouldn’t you, Jessi?”

“Sure, let’s just do it. I want to keep this new daring attitude alive and well.”

The women wasted no time slathering oil on each other as they awaited the return of the guard.

“The beach is all clear for now and I’m going to enjoy my share of this gorgeous sun with you ladies. She peeled off her lifeguard top and stood naked except for pair of loose fitting shorts. “Oil me all over and get those bottoms off yourselves this is total privacy. Just our little secret.”

Jennifer and Jessica did exactly as told watching in a trance as the woman’s nipples popped out at attention. She reached down to stroke their nipples in return and slid her hands into their moist warm pussies. Jennifer reached for the waist of the life guard’s shorts, but had her hand pulled away gently. “Not yet,” the woman whispered as she stroked Jennifer’s blond hair and kissed her face and eyes, stopping only to devour her mouth. “There’s something I have to explain to you first, but you have to promise to keep it a secret between all of us.”

“I’m a hermaphrodite. Do you understand what that is?” Jennifer pulled away enough to look up into the woman’s dark eyes.

“I’ve heard of that before, but I’m not sure. Isn’t that someone that’s a woman and a man?”

Jessica stopped to look into the woman’s eyes, too, waiting for the answer.

“Yes. Does that bother you?”

Jennifer’s curiosity answered for all of them. “No way. You’ve got awesome looks and a man’s tool, too. Let’s see it.”

Well that’s one way to put it she chuckled as she slid the shorts down to reveal a thick hard-on.

“It’s beautiful,” gasped Jennifer.

“Amazing,” added Jessica.

“I’m Andi,” the woman said softly. “I want to make love to both of you.”

She lay both the young women back onto the blanket and knelt down looking them both over, choosing to kiss Jessica first. You are the most timid, let me start with you.” She bent down to kiss her softly letting her hands roam over her thighs and breasts. She parted her legs and stroked her clit gently as Jessi sighed then moaned.

“Jennifer, I want you to kiss her and lick her until she comes,” ordered the lifeguard as she set to work suckling her nipples and massaging the beauties.

Jessica reached out to touch her manhood and felt it jerk in her hands. “Watch yourself, now that’s a hot tool you’ve got there.”

“I want to feel you inside me, please,” Jessica begged.

“Me, too,” added Jennifer, “but let Jessi go first.”

As he got ready to mount her, Jessica felt his breasts dangling across her own and couldn’t help but raise her hips to him in anticipation. He leaned down to her and devoured her mouth with his own. As he lifted his lips away, she whispered, “I’m a virgin, please be gentle.”

He hesitated only for a second, looked at Jennifer and saw that she had heard. She nodded her head to give her approval for the deflowering of her friend.

“I will be very gentle, but it’s still going to hurt some,” he murmured to her. “Just ride with me.”

Jessi felt the tip of his manhood snug up to her pussy and then a slight shove as he entered her virgin hole. She hugged him to her, his female breasts ground into her own and his long brunette hair filled her senses with the fresh scent of salty air.

“Relax as much as you can and I’ll make it quick,” he murmured into Jessi’s ear. She felt her hole strain as he pushed inside her and a quick stab of pain quickly turned warm as he began fucking her in the glorious sunshine. Her mind felt like it would shatter like her virginity as she rose up to meet his thrusts. She felt Jennifer’s small delicate fingers easing their way down to her pussy, finally stroking her clit as she felt her world turn inside-out in orgasmic delight. The female-man atop her grunted then moaned, finally squealing like a delighted woman as he shot his load inside her, then rolled over onto his back bringing her with him, his manhood still buried within her.

She sat up on his thighs with his shaft in her, gazing down at the beautiful woman beneath her. “Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you both for the most amazing way to enter womanhood.”

He eased her over and slid out of her and as he did so, she looked down to see that he did indeed have the parts of both woman and man. Just behind his balls was the opening to his womanhood. She reached out to touch it in disbelief.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish my little virgin,” the lifeguard chuckled. “That’s a very sensitive area.”

Jennifer moved around to look on, too. “Do you have orgasms with both?” she asked.

“Sure do. Mind blowing ones.” she answered.

“May I?” Jennifer asked as she lowered her mouth to the beautiful pink lips of his vagina. It was soft and smelled sweet. A slightly salty taste had her poking her tongue as far inside as she could. She heard her new friend moaning in ecstacy and looked up to see Jessi feasting on her breasts and massaging his cock.

Jennifer sat up to look into the woman’s eyes. “Can you have an orgasm from your pussy without having one from your cock?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I’ve never tried.”

Jennifer lowered her mouth and set about making it happen for him. Thinking about her own secret virginity between her legs. She reached up to take Jessi’s hands from his cock. She wanted to save his cock for her own deflowering, but she wanted to give him an orgasm from his pussy first.

He began to writhe his hips, pushing them into her face and then wrapped his legs around her chest.

Jessi, not to be left out, lifted Jenn’s buttocks, parted them, then began licking her pussy while running her hands over first Jennifer’s legs and buttocks and then those of the lifeguard.

Jennifer felt the lifeguard’s pussy quiver and his legs tightened around her as he let out an exquisite moan and shivered. Jennifer kept licking softly as his liquid orgasm drained out and the folds twitched slightly as the orgasm smoothed away.

She was greeted by a wonderful surprise when she raised her head. His manhood was hard as a rock and standing up at attention. The smile on his face told her she was about to lose her own secret.

“That was amazing,” the lifeguard sighed. “No one’s ever done that to me before. Now it’s your turn. Come on Jessica, let’s make love to her now.”

“Wait,” Jennifer almost screeched.

“Wait for what, you are the one with all the daring and courage,” laughed Jessica as she wrapped her arms around her friend and kissed her deeply. “There’s nothing to be afraid of, he’s a wonderful lover.”

“But I’m not ready,” Jennifer stammered.

“You’re a virgin, too aren’t you,” Jessi gasped.

“Yes, but I never wanted anyone to know. I’ve just never had the chance to make love with a man.”

“It’s ok baby. You’re with friends, now. Do you want to lose your virginity? It’s up to you.”

The lifeguard leaned up on one elbow watching the sweet young women. Jennifer smiled and hugged Jessi to her.

“I want to lose my virginity with you, if that’s ok with you Andi,” Jennifer looked over at the lifeguard.

“I’m all yours sweetie.” Andi answered as she pulled Jennifer into her arms. She began by kissing her deeply then sent fluttering kisses all over her face making her way down Jennifer’s neck and chest. She massaged her breasts as she suckled first one nipple and then the other.

Jennifer felt herself grinding her hips against Andi’s leg. The gentle suckling on her breasts and the soft fall of the woman’s breasts on her stomach and thighs drove her near her limit of sanity. She felt Jessica ease her legs apart from Andi’s thigh and her warm tongue went to work on her clit. Just when she felt like she was going to tip over the edge of orgasm, Jessi stopped, leaving her pussy exposed and hungry.

Jennifer cried out almost in pain at being denied the warm tongue of her friend. “Please don’t stop,” she cried out.

“I won’t stop this time.” It was Andi’s voice. He lowered himself between her legs. His amazing breasts sandwiched against her own.

“Relax and let me have your beautiful flower,” he said.

She felt his stiffness as he pushed gently against her hole. Then he slid it up to massage her clit with his hardness. As he entered her again, she felt her vaginal walls clench at his tightness. Andi kissed her and again, waiting for her to relax.

“Fuck me Andi,” she cried out. “I can’t wait any longer. Please fuck me.”

At her insistence, Andi pushed her hardness inside and felt her envelope his dick.

Jennifer felt a sudden fullness like nothing she’d ever felt before, then a slight sting, followed by incredible warmth and even more fullness than she would have believe possible.

Andi began fucking her harder now as Jennifer slammed her hips into him from below. Jessica watched the two then reached out to touch their breasts as they made love. She wondered if Jennifer had enjoyed watching her lose her virginity as much as she was enjoying watching this.

She reached up to touch Andi’s butt and wondered if what the woman had told them about having an orgasm with both her manhood and her womanhood was true. She eased her hand down into the warmth of his pussy and pushed her fingers inside while rubbing his clit.

“Aagh, Jessica,” he cried out. “More. I’m coming.”

She felt his pussy clench her hand and began to finger fuck him even harder. She heard Jennifer moaning beneath them as she came hard to the pounding from Riki.

She slid her hand out of Riki’s cunt and kissed Jennifer as Riki grunted then squealed in delight as a second orgasm racked through him.

He rolled over onto his back and snuggled Jennifer and Jessica up on each side of her, sighing in complete peace and joy. The girls took a breast each, suckling and murmuring about how amazing their new friend had turned out to be. Both dreamed of what their second day at the beach would hold.

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