Erotic Story: My First Time With A Girl

Masturbation StoryWritten by: Anonymous

I’ve always fancied guys, I just do. I love their huge masculine bodies, which always make my petite frame feel so dominated. I love the feeling of a huge throbbing cock as it thrusts in and out of my swollen sopping pussy. But part of me has always wondered what it would be like to be with a girl.

I’d secretly fantasied about the thought of lesbianism at home. I love lesbian porn. There is something so hot about two girls kissing passionately, knowing exactly what to do to each other to give mutual indescribable pleasure.

I’m home alone for the evening. I’m bored out of my mind. Only one thing to do, masturbate. I automatically reach for my laptop, hoping to find the most hardcore lesbian porn I could and I remove my jeans and panties straight away, spreading my legs to get ready to rub and tickle my clit with one hand, and thrust my fingers into my hole with the other, while I would watch two or hopefully three girls play with each other’s huge tits and bare pussies, and watch that incredibly arousing site of pussy juice dribbling down their toned legs.

I sign onto the internet and wait while it loads. It reads ‘Error, no connection’. I stare in disbelief. No! not now, please not now I though. My cunt is already swollen and moist from the thought of the images I was about to see.

I try to signed in again, in vain. I can’t believe it. I slam my laptop down in again, and groan, as I lay back on my bed in desperation, my bottom half still completely naked, my legs wide open.

Then I have a thought. Kate. The beautiful girl who sits next to me in lectures. I’ve never spoken to her before, except once to borrow a pencil, but I know about her. She’s a lesbian, she came out about five years ago, when we were all still learning about sex. She was very experienced from an early age, and has dated the only other lesbian I know, Beth. Kate is a shy girl, who does well in all her lessons, but she’s gorgeous. She has the most beautiful big tits I’ve ever seen, and I as I think back to way they bounce up and down in her little tank when she is dancing to her cheerleading routines, her nipples erect and clearly visible makes me squirm as I lay here on my bed. Beth is a very masculine girl, and normally I wouldn’t have looked twice at her, but suddenly the thought of them together, as they would have been, completely naked and stimulating each other’s wet pussies makes me feel more horny than I ever have.

So I imagine it..

I’m in a lecture, boring as usual, when I hear small moans coming from next to me- Kate. When I glance across at her, she smiles seductively at me, and gestures me to look under the table. I crouch down surreptitiously, making sure the lecturer hasn’t noticed, and I am amazed to see that she has her legs wide open, panties round her ankles and is fingering her own pussy vigorously under the table. I gasp slightly, but I can’t deny that it has turned me on completely, as it is the first time I have seen another girl’s pussy close up, and I almost have to hold myself back from licking up the little puddle of her juice she has dribbled onto her chair. I can’t believe it. Kate is so shy, how can she do this- in a class!

I whisper, ‘Kate? What are you doing?!’ She replies ‘Isn’t it obvious?!’ and then laughs quietly before she begins silently quivering all over and panting heavier and heavier as she comes, before collapsing back into her chair.

I look round anxiously to see if anyone else has noticed, but they are all engrossed in their work, or listening to the lecturer drone on. Thankfully we are right at the back of the hall.

Kate stands up and leans over me, a wisp of her blonde hair tickling my face and her amazing tits pressing into my back, the huge perky nipples rubbing against my skin.

‘I can’t take this any more, I want some fun! Meet me in the girl’s restroom in two minutes! Knock twice so I know it’s you’ Kate whispers, and then walks away, leaving the room.

Was she joking? How did she know, how did she know that I have lusted after her for so long? I have never told a soul, I never could. I’ve been with my boyfriend Billy for so long, and I love him to bits. He can satisfy me in a way I never thought anyone could. But he’s not Kate.

Should I go?

I’m already walking towards the bathroom at this point. The lecturer didn’t even notice we’d gone.

I take a deep breath as I knock twice on the door. I wait for a moment. Oh God. Watching Kate fingering her beautiful little tight pink wet pussy has made me soak through my panties. What’s going to happen in here. Will this finally be the experience I have ached for for so long?

Kate opens the door a fraction and then disappears into the room. I follow her, but she has gone round the corner so I can’t see her.

‘Lock the door behind you! Believe me, we won’t want to be disturbed!’ She whispers.

I do as I am told. I take another deep breath and walk round the corner. I freeze. This is without a doubt the most delicious image I have ever seen. Kate, completely naked, stood in the middle of the bathroom. Those incredible tits, finally uncovered, in all their giant glory, nipples fully erect of course, though probably because Kate is twiddling them around her dainty fingers. I glance down at that beautiful hairless pussy again, having to restrain from running up to her and delving my tongue into all the beautiful wetness.

‘So..’ she laughs ‘You like?’

I nod, not having a clue what to do.

‘What do you want Kate?’ I ask uncertainly, still in disbelief that this is happening and wondering whether it is a joke.

‘What do I want?’ she says. She pauses from playing with her giant jugs for a moment, much to my disappointment, and slowly walks towards me. She extends her hand and gently puts it down my skirt. I feel a wave and tingle of ecstasy as her fingers brush my clit and gently enter my wet hole.

‘I want to see what this lovely pussy tastes like!’

It’s all a blur from then on. It happens so fast. I pull my skirt and panties off, leaving a dribble of juice all over Kate’s hand. She pushes me down onto the bathroom floor, parts my legs and tells me what a beautiful pussy I have. I love how much she is dominating me. Then she bends over, parts my lips and I feel it. That first lick. I can’t believe how good it feels. Billy has never licked my pussy this way before. She runs her tongue all the way along each lip, and then delves her tongue deep in and swishes it round. I groan, my back arching as I hold the back of her head. Then it’s the clit. She nibbles it gently, then begins to give it lots of little licks, slow at first, then faster and faster, and her fingers are inside me now and oh god it feels so good and my hands are massaging those beautiful breasts that I’ve longed to touch for so long and OHHH MY GOD!

My back arches, my muscles tense as my left hand fingers rub my clit furiously and my whole fist thrusts in my hole. I reach an earth shattering climax as I collapse onto my bed.

That was amazing. If only it were for real!

I lie back, bleary eyed in a daze, until I see my phone ringing. I compose myself and answer the private number.

‘Hello?’ I say nonchalantly as possible.

‘Jess, it’s Kate Jackson! I got your number off a friend and I was wondering if you wanted to work together on that new assignment

I grin silently to myself. If only she knew what she’d just done to me in my head.

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