Erotic Story: Teachers Pet Part 1

Erotic StoryWritten By: Jenne

“Well, I’ve been reading through your test papers and and considering the efforts that you both made in during the last practical lesson, I think it’s time that we moved to lesson two” said the prim and proper looking school mistress. As she stood in the lecture room with her glasses on and her hair tied back into a neat bun she looked to all the world like a respectable teacher. To her fellow colleagues that’s exactly what she was. To the two boys stood in front of her now she was more than a lecturer in English. The lessons that she was teaching them would set their lives alight in more ways than one.

She looked at the two boys that stood in front of her and wondered what delights the night would have to offer.

Paul stuttered ” What is lesson two Miss?” He was a good looking guy, nice body and obviously spent time in the gym. He was certainly not unattractive and given what she had seen in lesson one she was definitely looking forward to the second lesson. His friend David was a little on the lean side for her taste but he was responsive to her lessons and that was what was important at the moment.

“That my dear boy you will have to wait and see but I think that you will both enjoy the lessons I have in mind.”

The boys left the room and she began to daydream, thinking of the night that lay ahead for the three of them.

At six o’clock that evening the door bell rang. Good at least they were on time, she thought as she went to the door. She looked down at the boys that were stood in front of her and smiled. Their reactions to her change of clothes had not disappointed her. Her hair no longer tied back but flowing loose, the stocking tops that were just, but only just, covered by the short black skirt, the see through blouse showing her white lacy bra that shaped her small breasts to perfection all added to the effect that she was having over the pair as they stood at the door gawping.

“Come in you two don’t just stand there.”

They scurried past her having been snapped out of their stupor by her words.

She ushered them towards the settee and then sat down on it. She allowed the boys to catch a glimpse of her black panties as she did so. She watched the boys as they glanced at each other and then towards her, neither really knowing where to look first.

“Now before we go any further I think that we should recap on our last lesson don’t you? You do remember what you learned I trust?” her voice was full of authority she was in charge her. They were her pupils and she had a duty to teach them what she knew, it was her job after all.

“So Paul just what did we learn last time?” she asked turning her face towards the lad that was looking nervous but excited.

“Well Miss…um.. you taught us what each part of our body was for. You showed us a video of two people fucking as you called it.” The other guy stifled a giggle as he heard Paul utter the words fucking.

“What is so funny David!” the voice was stern, very stern.

“Nothing Miss…”

“Are you sure? I hope you took notice of the lesson the way that Paul seems to have done.”

“But I did Miss, honest.”

“So what was the video about, come quickly now.”

“Well the man took his dick and put it in the woman’s pussy Miss,” he didn’t look at her as he mumbled the words.

“That is correct, David, you obviously did pay attention, that is good, very good.”

She could see the bulges in both boys trousers begin to bulge further as they recalled the first lesson.

“So what did we do after that?” the question was directed at Paul this time.

“You asked us to undress and showed us how to touch our dicks…”

“Did it feel good when you did that?”

“Yes Miss, very good.”

“Have you been practicing since the things that I taught you both, I hope you’ve done you homework or I will not be pleased,” She opened her legs again allowing the pair another tantalizing glance of her panties. “I think that perhaps you should show me what you have learned so far, just to make sure that we have not missed anything.”

The pair did not need to be asked to strip. She sat and watched as they stripped bare enjoying the sights that meet her eyes once more. They were both well developed and very well endowed. She felt her own juices begin to flow freely as they took their dicks into their hands and began to apply the techniques that she had taught them last time. They moved their hands in unison as they each stroked their own shafts.

“That is good boys, um very good, I think it is time for the next lesson to start. Paul take David’s dick in your hand please, David you do the same to Paul.”

They did exactly as she had instructed as she watched. She didn’t have to prompt the next part of the play that was unfolding in front of her. They began to stroke and fondle each others fleshy, hard dicks. She reached down and touched her breasts through the blouse. Her nipples sprung to attention and she wanted more now as she watched.

“Paul, come here please.”

He did as he was told, no questions asked.

“Remember what the man did to the woman in the video? Would you like to do that to me now?”

“Umm…Yes Miss, Please!” his eyes pleaded with her as he uttered the words.

She took his hands and guided them towards her breasts.

David had no choice but to watch Paul began to fondle her breasts. This added to the thrill for her. She watched David’s eyes as he observed Paul touching her. She reached down and undid her blouse allowing Paul access to the lacy fabric of her bra. David’s eyes told her that he wished it was him doing the fondling instead of his friend. David’s cock was fully erect now and he stroked it furiously as he watched his friend fondle her.

She reached behind herself, unclasping her bra and allowing her small but pert breasts to flow out of the garment to be met by Paul’s hands. He gasped as they fell into his grip. His hands felt good on her flesh the firmness of them contrasting with the softness of her own skin. He began kneading them between his fingers, squeezing the nipples, rubbing his hands over every inch.

Suddenly she took pity on David and beckoned him over. As he neared her she pulled hi nearer and grabbed his hard cock. As Paul continued to rub her tender breasts she began to rub the dick that was in her hand. Slowly she ran her hand over the moistened shaft feeling her own juices flowing freely as she did so. She had to summon all her reserves to stop herself from placing that hard tool into her mouth and teaching this young man his next lesson.

She reached down and again guided Paul’s hand. This time she placed it between her thighs and allowed it to make its own way to her pussy. It didn’t take long before Paul reached the area she so wanted him to touch. She raised her ass of the settee and Paul realizing what she wanted removed her juice sodden panties. She lead David’s hand down towards her breast and allowed him to feel them while she continued to stroke his cock slowly. Under her skilful hands he almost came several times but she knew the signs all to well and stopped him just short of completion. She had other ideas for that hot spunk.

Sitting further back on the settee she hoisted her skirt over her waist as Paul continued his exploration of her pussy. She whispered to David” Why don’t you join your friend?” David needed no second invitation and dived between her now parted legs and joined his friend. They looked at each other and then at her opening. “Explore it boys, enjoy it, show me what you have learned, if you please me, I might… let you fuck me later.”

The pair began to explore tentatively at first, till they began to get the idea of what she really liked as opposed to what was a mild turn on. She felt their fingers slip inside her, probe her soft juicy flesh. They played with her clit, teasing it exquisitely, neither really knowing what they were doing to her. She gasped and felt the tension began to rise within her as she neared orgasm. The boys soon realized that they now had the power and they began to take control of her body now. She managed to stammer as she nearer the point of no return “Use your tongue, please, uhhh please remember the video? ”

The boys broke what they were doing for a second, they seemed to be deliberating which one would lick her first. Paul took the incentive and as the man had done in the video they had watched before buried his head between her thighs. She moaned as his tongue rubbed her clit oh so gently at first. As her need became stronger she pulled his head closer to her, holding there, just in the spot that gave her the most pleasure, again she was about to come, again Paul lifted his head and broke lose from her grip. He was soon replaced by David and the divine sensations that she craved began to creep through her once more. She gripped his head tightly to her, she needed to come now so desperate for the release. Nothing but nothing was going to stop her reaching this climax. She felt someone begin to fondle her breasts once more and this tipped her over the edge. She felt the familiar tingling sensation in her feet and before she realized it had traveled through her body and hit her brain at warp speed. She had many orgasms throughout her life but not many had reached this peak.

She screamed as it hit her, she was transported to another dimension, one of release, she had no control now and held David’s head tight to her as one orgasm quickly followed another. Finally she released the poor boy and he gasped for breath as did she.

As she surfaced from the universe these two young men had just taken her to she realized that they to must be desperate for the release that she had just experienced. She sat them both on the settee and knelt in front of them holding a dick in each hand.

“Lie back and relax boys you are going to enjoy this part of the lesson you have done well so I think a reward is in order here.” she whispered in a sultry voice.

She took each dick in turn. Placing Paul’s inside her mouth slowly teasing the tip with her tongue as she slid her lips down the hard shaft that he presented her with. She felt it twitch against the walls of her mouth and knew that it would not be long before he erupted like a volcano. She was not disappointed as the hot spunk quickly spewed forth from his throbbing erection, coating her throat, lubricating it. Quickly she turned her attention to David’s equally firm cock again she placed it in between her lips, again it spewed it’s hot salty liquid into her mouth as she pumped it back and forth. She licked both cocks clean of spunk. Leaving them spent of all liquid for the time being.

The boys looked at each other as she placed herself between them and collapsed. The efforts of the lessons they had just learned and she had taught finally taking it’s toll. They all drifted into a contended sleep as they lay huddled naked on the settee.

When they finally awoke they dressed and parted. She was pleased with the way the lessons had gone tonight but the biggest and best lesson of all was yet to come…

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