Erotic Story: The Temp

Lesbian erotic storyWritten By DC
Let me say first that I am not a lesbian. I have never thought about another woman sexually – until yesterday that is.

I am a married woman, thirty seven years old and enjoy having sex with my husband as often as our busy lives will allow, which is usually once or twice a week. He is a corporate lawyer and I manage a large accounting firm.

I was working late yesterday putting out a report that had to be done before the next day, and I had hired an office temp to fill in for my secretary who was on vacation.

My husband was away on business so I was glad to stay late and finish up. I had offered Barbara, the temp, a bonus if she would stay and help me.
She was a very good looking girl in her late twenties with a good body and a confident air about her. I had seen her in the building a few times and I always found myself looking twice if she passed by. I don’t know why, but there was something about her that tweaked my interest.

At last the report was finished and I buzzed Barbara to come in and get it ready to send off. One of the perks of my position in the firm is a large private office with a bathroom and a small sitting area. I took off the jacket of my business suit and tried to ease the pain in my neck and shoulders with a stretch. Barbara came in and saw me rubbing my neck.

Tough day I guess, Mrs Sandler’ she said.

Yes it was, Barb, and you can call me Beth. Ok?’

Sure. Maybe I can help, Beth. I trained as a massage therapist a couple of years ago.’

Oh, wow. That would be great. I’m all tightened up.

Barb stood behind my chair and slowly kneaded the muscles around my shoulder blades and neck. Her hands moved smoothly over my silk blouse and her hands were incredibly warm on my bare neck. Something stirred in my lower belly as I started to relax. Was I getting a bit turned on? No, not possible I told myself.

That’s better. ’she said.’ But I really need to put more pressure on your back to do good job.’ I could feel her breath on my neck and it made me tingle all over. My God, I really was turned on.

I have a yoga mat in the closet.’ I said. ‘Would that work?’

That would be perfect, and it would be better without your blouse and bra if that’s ok with you, Beth.’

Sure. I’ll just duck into the bathroom while you get the mat.’ I said.
Inside the bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror and tried to analyze what I was feeling. It was a good feeling but….

Oh well, I thought, removing my blouse and bra, lets see what happens. I used the toilet and decided to freshen up a bit after such a long day. I used a soapy wash cloth to wash my crotch area and was surprised at how sensitive I was down there. I also noticed that my panties were damp. Wow! I threw a towel around my shoulders and opened the door.

When I came out of the bathroom I heard soft music playing. Barb had found my relaxation cd’s and put one in the player. She was back-lit by the sun setting outside my office window and she looked stunning. A halo of light shone around her short blonde hair and I could see the fine hairs on her arms. I found myself wondering about the hair on her genitals- was she shaved or natural?

Oh God, stop it.

Hope you don’t mind.’ she said.

Not at all. I need all the relaxing I can get.’

I lay down on the mat and she pulled the towel off my shoulders. My suit pants were binding and I wished I had taken them off too.

It might be more comfortable for you without your pants, Beth. I can drape you with the towel.’

Maybe she was a mind-reader too.

While I removed my pants she went out to her desk and returned with a jar of skin cream.

Not the best.’ she said.’ But it will have to do.’

I was feeling more and more relaxed- there was no-one else in the building at this hour. We were completely alone.

Beth, in order to get even pressure on your back and since we don’t have a massage table, I will have to straddle you. Is that ok with you?’

Sure.’ I croaked. My throat was dry.

My pants are too tight too. Do you mind?’

I just shook my head- not trusting myself to speak.

I saw her walk over to lay her pants on my chair. From my position on the floor I was looking up at her ass where her pink thongs disappeared into her crack. Oh help, I thought.

This was crazy but I couldn’t end it. My panties were definitely wet now.

She straddled me and I felt her knees against my hips. She applied the cream to her hands and started to rub my upper back with slow, firm, circular motions. It felt wonderful. She massaged my arms and hands. I felt the tension flowing out of my body.

Something else was flowing too. I was glad I was covered with the towel. The crotch of my panties was probably soaked.

Barb said.’ Beth, do you mind if I fold the towel down so I can get to your lower back?’

Fine.’ I said.

She moved the towel down and at the same time pulled my panties down a few inches. I think the top of my butt-crack was exposed but I didn’t care. I was breathing harder all of a sudden. She started with long firm upward strokes on my lower back and kidney area.

God it felt good! She settled some of her weight on the backs of my thighs and I could feel the heat of her buttocks there. I wanted to touch myself so badly- or did I want her to touch me? Now she was massaging the top part of my cheeks, her downward strokes were pulling them apart slightly. I breathed harder.

Beth,’ she said quietly.’ I can feel that you’re getting excited and I want you to know that that is not what I intended. I know you are married and straight so if you want me to stop I will. I’m getting turned on too.’

Please don’t stop, Barb. It’s too late. Please keep going. I’m so wet down there. Are you?’

With that she rose up for a moment and removed her thong. When she settled on me again I could feel the wetness of her labia on the backs of my legs. She rolled my panties down and pulled them down to my ankles. I kicked them off. She massaged my buttocks then, deep into the muscles. She paused and I saw her blouse and bra fall to the floor.

‘Should I turn over now? I want to look at you, Barb.’

‘Yes, please do.’

She slid off me and knelt beside me; I turned over and looked at her.

She was flushed with excitement and a fine sheet of sweat shone above her full lips. Her breasts were quite small but her nipples hard and erect, as were my own. Her mound was thick with reddish blond pubic hair. I couldn’t help myself. I reached up and ran my fingers through it. She groaned with pleasure when my finger brushed her clit which was large and engorged with her excitement.

‘Not yet’. She said. ‘You first.’

Now it was my turn to groan with pleasure as she gently touched my nipples and then leaned over and lapped each one with her tongue.

‘Oh Jesus!’ I whimpered.

Her right hand found my creamy slit and gently probed until her finger found the opening of my vagina. I knew my clit was hard and I was afraid that I would come right away if she touched it. Her left hand touched me there too and then greased with my juices, slipped under my buttocks. This was new to me. My husband didn’t touch me there.

A whole new wave of pleasure flooded my body as her middle finger gently probed my anus. I gasped and uttered a small cry when she inserted the tip of her finger and moved it slowly back and forth in unison with her right finger, still in my vagina

‘Oh fuck, I have to come, Barb, I have to!’ God, oh God!’

My whole body shuddered and stiffened as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through me. Her finger movements increased as I cried out and suddenly I felt myself peeing! I had lost all control. As the waves of pleasure subsided I told her I was sorry about the pee.

‘Don’t worry about that, Beth. I do that to when I come really hard. It turns me on.’

She leaned close and said.’ Beth, I really need to come now. Can you do that?’

I hope so.’ I said. ‘This is all new to me.’

Just do what I did to you. It’ll be fine, I know.’ She straddled me again, on her knees, with her bum just above my waist so that I could reach the parts I needed to. Her hairy mound, wet with her juices, was right there in front of my face. I could smell her musky odor and I felt like I could come again- but it was her turn.

Touch me, Beth. Please touch me like I touched you.’

And I did. I ran the fingers of both hands through her slit. They came away wet and creamy. Barbara groaned and threw her head back.

Ah fuck.’ She said.

My right hand found her hard little clit and I rubbed it for her. She put her head forward and a deep growl emanated from her throat. ‘Yes, yes!’ She said.

‘I need you to touch in the other place now. Please, please, Beth. Now!’

I reached under her cheeks and touched her anus with my middle finger. It was the center of her and almost burning hot. My finger slid in easily and she groaned and clenched her hole in ecstasy. She came then-both my fingers feeling the clenching contractions of her orgasm.

I was so turned on I started to come again. My contractions almost in time with hers. It was unbelievable. How could this be happening?

After a while Barb moved and lay beside me, lightly massaging my belly and hips.

‘Thank you, Beth. That was so good. Are you ok with it?’

I just know that I’ve never felt so fulfilled in my life, Barb. It’s all so weird. I don’t know what to think. But, thank you, thank you for taking me where I’ve never been before.

I must have dozed off then because when I awoke, twenty minutes had passed and she was gone. I lay there; thinking it over, wondering what would happen if and when I saw her again. I didn’t have an answer.

What will be, will be I guess.

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