How I got on cam so guys could get off at home

I never set out to be any kind of relationship guru. Heck, I am as single as they come. I get my rocks off in because I enjoy it. And, hey, the money’s good. But the more I got into it, and the more clients I acquired, the more I realized that a lot of them were not in it for the virtual nookie.

My regulars started to ask questions, and many of our sessions went from striptease to therapy. They would pay for my time just to talk and ask me things they could not or would not ask at home, and they still do. Many of my clients are in solid relationships, are married, and even have progeny, and things at home had become mundane. Sex was not a priority. But they were not looking to step out on their ladies, they were happy and just wanted help getting back on track.

They would ask me how to get their partners horny again, what women wanted and liked, what the best positions were, and what the best foreplay was. Often, sessions would turn into anatomical lessons like we were back in high school. You would be amazed how many men do not know the difference between the clitoris and the g-spot (yes, guys, there is a big difference).

There is no cure-all, and everyone likes different things. I, for one, do not much enjoy oral sex. Shock, horror, I know, but what can I say. Just because I put myself on cam does not mean I am into everything. We all have likes and dislikes. Talking to my clients, I learned that, over time, many of them had forgotten what used to get their girls a-go-go-going, and now we’re almost too afraid to ask. Dudes, here is the kicker: Things change. What got her off when you were first starting out is not necessarily what she wants now as a career mother of two. Maybe she liked it low and slow, but now she would want it hard and fast. Maybe she hated the idea of sex aids and toys, but now she owns a couple. People change. People’s bodies change. The key to keeping anything going in life, including good sex, is asking for what you want. There it is guys. There is the ultimate secret to lifelong hot and satisfying sex. Tell your friends.

Everyone is different, but the questions have always been the same. So, here are my top tips for spicing up your sex life at home, right now:

  • Spoil her. No woman ever said no to some wining and dining.
  • Make intimacy about her and her pleasure, not yours (you will still get there this way, do not worry).
  • Never underestimate how hot and sexy, washing the dishes can be.
  • She does not want flowers; she wants a massage. From you.
  • Never rush to the big finish. Kiss her from top to toe while whispering how much you appreciate her.
  • Learn the difference between her clitoris and her g-spot, and practice stimulating both. Buy a book if you must.
  • Do not forget the earlobes. These are erogenous zones bar none. Casually brush your lips against hers a few times a day, and she will be mounting you by dinnertime.
  • Watch a porn together.
  • Cuddle. It is cliché, I know, but women want to feel more than just orgasms.
  • Ask her! There is no shame in asking what gets her off and what she wants.

I am , I even use my real name online (no, I am not telling you here). Sex is a wonderful and marvelous thing, and like a perfectly moist vanilla cake, it needs a bit of TLC. No, it does not have to be complicated or without spontaneity, just give the right parts some attention, and you’re golden.


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